Lasik Xtra®

Restore Strength to the Cornea

Incorporate Lasik Xtra® seamlessly during a Lasik Procedure

After the refractive correction has been made in a standard Lasik procedure, Avedro’s proprietary riboflavin formulation is simply applied to the exposed stroma and the flap is replaced. UVA illumination from Avedro’s KXL System is then applied through the intact epithelium for little over a minute.

Lasik Xtra poses no material interruption to the normal speed and flow of the Lasik procedure and does not increase patient discomfort.  Lasik Xtra’s strengthening may be applicable to all current Lasik patients, as well as post-Lasik patients who are suffering from corneal ectasia or who are interested in restoring the strength to their cornea.

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Lasik Xtra procedure video courtesy of Dr. Pavel Stodulka, Gemini Eye Center, Czech Republic

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The KXL™ System for performing Lasik Xtra is a CE marked product and is not available for sale in the US.